Orc Champion


"A subhuman roar invaded the battle field. Suddenly a massive Orc overran our defences without us being able to doing anything to prevent it. In a matter of seconds a pile of corpses were heaped around him without any sign that the giant ORC appeared to be satisfied with so much annihilation"

Centuries ago, the orcs were wary and fearful creatures, living off small prey and petty theft in the orchards and fields of the human communities, near which they would hide. Humans did not see them as much more than a simple nuisance and sometimes they even aroused the compassion of the farmers.


However, due to their massive and unpleasant physical appearance, the clergy began to accuse them of being evil beings and clamoured for their total annihilation. A terrible persecution began that took the lives of thousands of Orcs and forced the survivors to seek refuge in the remotest mountain caves and most inaccessible gorges.


With the passing of the years, because of the brutal living conditions in the interior of the mountains combined with the effects of poisonous gases emanating from the bowels of the Earth, the orcs became terribly coarse and brutal beings full of rage and fury.


The most fearsome and brutal of all the Orcs, Shargh, whose uncontrollable rage caused him to massacre all the members of his clan, was born in one of these underground clans. But if there was something even more uncontrollable than his fury, then it was the hatred he felt towards the human race. This hatred was common to all orcs, the result of a pass filled by being persecuted and exterminated, which over time had become instinct.


Guided by this instinctive hatred, Shargh left the mountains with the sole purpose of spilling the greatest amount of human blood possible and erasing any sign of their existence from the world.

Shargh has great physical strength and a very hard head. He is an extraordinary enemy in combat due to the sheer volume and size of his body and the profound hate and contempt that he feels towards his rival.


Defending himself Shargh is as immovable as a mountain. His opponent's actions are nothing more to him than pebbles bouncing off a wall. ORC warriors are not very smart beings, however when there is an opportunity for a good fight they give everything without thinking of the consequences.

Lisbeth sculpt process finished

Lisbeth sculpt process is finished and we want to share her with you. We hope you like the model.

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