"And it will come to pass that when the tenth star appears in the heavens, two shall come to this world, the Shadow Bringer, and her protector. She will command the dead; great shall be her depravity, she will bring despair and eternal suffering; and darkness will cover the world".



...and Darkness will cover the World


Lisbeth, along with her twin brother Lesdinn, was born on the darkest of all nightsunder the symbol of the tenth planet, Vhagdhu, deity of the Death Star. Unlike her brother, who was born and lives for combat, Lisbeth was small and weak and was always under Lesdinn’s protecting wing. However, dark magic flowed through her veins and as she grew so did her powers.


Lisbeth was anointed as Vhagdhu’s chosen one, the high priestess of the Drow Death Cult, “SHE” who would bring back to the world… The True Reign of Death!


Lisbeth has begun to fulfil her destiny: By distilling the pure essence of life she has created potions and spells that maintain both her’s and Lesdinn’s immortality; She is raising her armies of the dead, who serve her with deadly and implacable precision, and has begun to spread her dark tendrils throughout the world.


She knows that warriors and heroes of other kingdoms will try to stop her, but isn’t very worried. If her brother doesn’t take care of them first, she will teach them the error, terror, and hopelessness of their ways. Only the Lightanointed, Irina, might stand in her way but she will fall soon


…and darkness will reign again.

Lisbeth sculpt process finished

Lisbeth sculpt process is finished and we want to share her with you. We hope you like the model.

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