Elf Assassin


"Legend has it that if the wind ruffles your hair, it's a breeze; if it uproots a tree, it's a storm; if it sinks a ship, it's a tempest and if it harvests your soul, it's Hallothon"


Hallothon is a master of the surprise attack. Even though he is a skilled warrior, he is at his most lethal when the enemy least expects it.  The scimitar favoured by Hallothon is light and easy to handle and becomes an extremely lethal weapon in the hands of this killer Elf.  He employs a lateral strike that is impossible to anticipate when swapping the scimitar between hands.


Although the Elves do not tend to be very hardy beings, their agility is their strong point. It is extremely difficult to get through his guard in single combat.


By nature they are very agile and graceful creatures. These two features make them the perfect race for ambushes and assassinations.

Lisbeth sculpt process finished

Lisbeth sculpt process is finished and we want to share her with you. We hope you like the model.

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