Raider of the Steppe


"The north wind in your face, hearing the ancient mountains speak, galloping across the steppe, and feeling the warmth of your prey’s blood seeping out from beneath your feet, that is the essence of life".



The Wind Rider


The nomads of the great steppe are a tough people, accustomed to the worst weather and auncaring and cruel life. They hunt to live, and as such, the killer instinct runs through their veins. Legend says that no beast exists that the steppe-dwellers haven’t hunted. As tradition dictates, before a member of the tribe can become an adult, they have to abandon the great steppe, their land, and The People to seek a prey that would make them worthy of the honour of being part of their people and the circle of hunters and warriors, the Pack, or die with honour in the attempt.


Ernakh returned to his land and his people with the heads and hearts of animals from all around the known world. For decades, he had travelled the land in search of the most dangerous prey in order to become the greatest hunter of all. His prowess and determination were such that no one could deny him as the most fearsome hunter of all the Pack and Leader of the People.


His pride knows no balm, as no beast is worthy of his steel and no animal is a challenge. Therefore, Ernakh wanders the world again, in search of the most powerful warriors,he can find, hunting them down and challenging them, on his endless journey to becoming a legend.


Only one thing separates him from his ultimate goal of being the Lord of Hunters, to find and kill the one who once slipped through his noose, the only prey that evaded him. Ernakh smiles, he knows that it will be a glorious combat, as he fights against the greatest warriors of all the kingdoms, he thinks of his final prey. Eventually they will meet and the glory of the hunt will elevate him forever...

Lisbeth sculpt process finished

Lisbeth sculpt process is finished and we want to share her with you. We hope you like the model.

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