Abyssal Warlord


"A profound silence suddenly gripped the battlefield.  Before our horrified eyes the troops in the enemy’s line retreated giving way to something much darker, powerful and terrible. At that moment I finally understood what fear really meant. The enormous warrior who emerged from their ranks represented death far blacker that any man could imagine."



The Abyssal Warlord´s Legend


Deretor is a cruel and ruthless being although he hadn´t always been that way. Many years ago, the now known as the Abyssal Warlord, was a young noble who kept peace and order in his hometown, Herstengrad.


During the Third Crusade of the Light the human army fought against the Drows. The night after the Battle of Gwyndeth, the army was celebrating their victory and Irina’s prophecy of “the chosen one”. The Drow seeing an opportunity sent Hallothon, a master in the art of killing, to take the life of the enemy's leader.


The attempt failed, but Deretor was poisoned by a toxin known only to the drow and was badly wounded. Irina tried to save him with her healing powers but Deretor did not recover. Although his wounds were lethal Deretor also did not die but instead fell into an unwaking sleep.


The following night the Drow attacked, taking advantage of the cover of night and the confusion caused by Deretor's "death". The Crusader Army, headed by Harald, in Deretor’s absence, was quickly routed and fled leaving him behind. Inevitably, his body was retrieved by the Drow.


Lisbeth, a priestess of the Death Cult, subjected Deretor to all type of physical and magical tortures. For days, Deretor suffered from the toxin in his body, horrible wounds and unimaginable forms of torture and although he would occasionally scream out in pain, bringing great delight to the Drow, he would never wake and would not die. In the end, the Drow lost enjoyment in him and he was thrown to the deep Abyss of Necrarion, stuffed in his own armor to make sure it got to the very bottom.


Whatever happened there, we will never know. The being who arose from that watery grave was no longer a human. There were only hate and revenge in his heart and two thoughts on his mind: First, kill Hallothon. Second, kill the rest of the living.

Deretor, the Lord of the Abyss, has been fighting for longer than any mortal being. He has faced-offed against all conceivable rivals and his only reason for living is to make war. 


Although humanoid in appearance, the abyssal creatures are not considered human as such or even alive in the sense that we understand.


On the battlefield Deretor strikes with his sword and uses all of his power backed up by his massive armor to crush his opponents, and if in addition he has his shield there is hardly any combat technique capable of opening up a hole in his defences.


The drive and thirst for blood is the Abyssal Lord’s vital force.

Lisbeth sculpt process finished

Lisbeth sculpt process is finished and we want to share her with you. We hope you like the model.

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