"In the heat of battle a giant barbarian warrior caused the withdrawal of much of our ranks. In his right hand he wielded a fearsome battle-axe with which he lopped off the heads and limbs of his enemies, while in the left, he held a terrifying war-hammer that spat fire and lava as it smashed bones, armours and shields"


Brock uses his enormous brute strength to ram into his enemies. With a lightning quick movement, Brock wields his axe with one hand to deliver a crushing blow to which any resistance is useless. His fearsome hammer causes panic and terror among his enemies, while it spits out a mixture of fire and lava accompanying each of his devastating blows.


In the middle of a fight and even at the risk of exposing his body to his opponent’s weapons.


Brock will launch himself on his opponent and take him into a brutal bear hug out of which it is impossible to escape.


The temperament and the brutality of the nomads of the North make these beings hardy warriors as well as ideal mercenaries.

Lisbeth sculpt process finished

Lisbeth sculpt process is finished and we want to share her with you. We hope you like the model.

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